How to Care for Lucky Bamboo

Growing Bamboo in Water and Rocks

  • Usually, lucky bamboo is grown in water, but also grows well in soil. When growing a plant in water, place small marbles, pebbles, or stones in the container to give the stalks added stability.

Water Your Bamboo Plant

  • Use filtered, bottled, or rainwater for your lucky bamboo plant. This keeps the plant healthiest.
  • Add fresh, clean water to your bamboo plant two or three times each week.
  • It is important to keep several inches of water in the container, making sure to keep the roots of the plant wet.
  • Change the water every seven to 10 days to keep your lucky bamboo in top condition.

Watering Lucky Bamboo in a Vase

  •  If you keep your bamboo plant in a vase, keep the water levels low. The roots of a lucky bamboo plant grow wherever it contacts water.

Provide Proper Lighting

  • Indirect light at moderate levels is best for a lucky bamboo plant.
  • Never place your plant on a sunny windowsill as the direct sunlight is too strong and the leaves will scorch.
  • Preferring low light, lucky bamboo plants are even happy with artificial light from a lamp.
  • If the bamboo leaves are fading to a light green color, the plant is not getting enough light.
  • Insufficient light also causes slow plant growth. In many cases, the plant will not grow in height or produce any new leaves.
  • To remedy these problems, simply move the plant to a location with more indirect light.

Maintain an Ideal Temperature

  • The optimum temperature for a bamboo plant is between 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Lucky bamboo plants may not survive in temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit and should never be placed in front of an air conditioner. Just as direct sunlight should be avoided, extreme heat should also be avoided. Never place your plant near a heat source such as a heating vent or wood stove.

Provide Humidity

  • If it’s particularly dry, consider spritzing your bamboo leaves with a little distilled water occasionally to keep the environment more humid.

Fertilizer Is Optional

  • Lucky bamboo does not require any regular fertilizer and can survive for years in nothing but clean water. If you do choose to fertilize your plant, use only fertilizers made for lucky bamboo. A plant food called Green Green is popular with many growers of lucky bamboo plants.


How Long Does Lucky Bamboo Live?

  • If you care for your lucky bamboo plant properly, it can live a very long time.

Care of Bamboo Plants

  • When you take good care of your lucky bamboo plant you are rewarded with a plant that attracts positive energy and adds beauty to your home. Follow these tips and care instructions to ensure you get years of luck in your home.

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