How Not to Kill Your Succulent

Succulents love sunshine, so I leave mine on a sunny windowsill most days. If you would rather show off your succulent on your not-so-sunny coffee table or bookshelf, then play musical chairs with placement and let it hang out in a sunny spot for at least 6 hours a day.

Less is more. In the summer, you’ll want to water your succulent about once a week. In the winter, you can get away with once every two weeks. The top half of soil should be dry every time you add water. Look at the leaves for your cue—firm and plump leaves are good to go, soft and pliable could use some H2O.

Succulents love well-draining soil. Opt for soil varieties that mix in gravel or sand.

Keep it cozy—smaller pots are ideal since succulents like to keep their roots tight and close to each other.

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